Trianchor mall is the first mall explored in the story by the heroes. The mall is two stories high and triangular in shape; each corner housing an anchor store. Along the main road and on either side of the main entrance are a Department and a Hardware store, the back corner is a Cinema. Prior to the party arriving, the mall had clearly been raided for supplies more than once. The stores along the hallway of the mall all had their doors broken in with shards of glass lining the hallways. Consiting mostly of clothing stores, the occasional office and electronic store can also be found within the mall. The indoor hallway has a major intersection that can lead straight to any of the anchor stores.

The Department StoreEdit

The Department store at one point contained several products that would be found around the home. If you could find it in a home, one would've been able to find it here. Upon searching the store, the party found that a security room exists in the store.

  • As of Session 01, the security room remains unlocked and one of the doors leading outside is broken.

The Hardware StoreEdit

The Hardware store at one point contained several building products. If you needed to build something you could find what you were looking for here. Upon searching the store, the party did not find anything particularly notable about this store.

  • As of Session 01, half the lights in the security room have been broken and a barricade blocking the outside doors has partially been taken down.

The CinemaEdit

The Cinema at one point was a play to watch the latests movies. The film equipment, popcorn, candy, and films could still all be in the cinema. Upon arriving at the cinema, the party was unable to enter due to a hostile gunman.

  • As of Session 01, an unknown amount of people are currently housed in the cinema. This group of people include the hostile gunman .