Session 01 - Mac and Locke venture out to Trianchor Mall. There they meet Sifu. While scouring the mall they confront a gunman at the cinema. After escaping from that stuation they leave the mall and stumble upon an orthodontist center. Locke and Sifu are knocked out by an anesthetics leak and are saved by Mac. The party then discovers that the internet is no longer functional.

Session 02 - Sifu, Locke, and Mac use Sifu's radio and hear about a hospital a few kilometers away that is taking in people who need help. Deciding to head to the hospital they also decide to search any useful stores along the way. While raiding a restaurant in a plaza they come across another group of scavengers who they befriend and follow to their base at the school behind the mall. While there they meet the citizens of their community. After some information gathering Allen, their new ally, reveals a school bus and begins driving them to the hospital.

Session 03 - On the way to the school the group stops by several plazas to search for supplies. In the various plazas they have their first encounter with a barfer, and are also met with a mysterious laughing from behind a door. Burning a lot of sunlight while searching the plazas causes the group to worry when they meet a roadblock on the way to the hospital, worried that the hospital might not be all it seems they decide to head back to the school and wait until tomorrow to head into the hospital. While at the school the group decides to kill off any remaining zombies in the area. On their way back to the school they hear an eerie screaming and ask the school community if they know about it. Finding that the school community does know something they begin to press for more information but instead seem to escalate into a hostile argument with the inhabitants. The group takes shelter in the school for the night and wake up to a new day.