Hero Info
Gender: Male
Age: 33
Height: ?

Fast 1

Strong 1

Status: Alive
Introduced: Session 1

General InformationEdit

Sifu appears to be a mysterious robot-like man. Wearing a face mask and wielding an oddly maneuverable Sledgehammer he smashes the zombie hordes.

Prior to the outbreak Locke acted as a volunteer at community centres to arrange activities for local children.

Surprisingly nimble, Sifu stands at the frontlines of battle when dealing with the zombies. The current status of his family is unknown as he searches for his wife named Jessica, and a young chinese boy. His familial bonds allows him to feel the pain for those close to him.

Notable RelationsEdit


Sifu's first interaction with Mac was in the Trianchor Mall. After being grabbed by a zombie, Mac was able to release the hold the zombie had on him. Now traveling with both Mac and Locke , he has been able to connect with the younger males and form a new friendship and reliable battle partners for the challenges ahead.


The friendship exhibited between Locke and Sifu appears to be one based on the playful taunting of one another. Constantly referring to Locke as "Kid" has strengthened the bonds of friendship between these two characters.