Skill InformationEdit

The most basic function of repair would allow you to repair broken items. The difficulty would depend on how damaged the item is. Depending on the type of item you may gain a bonus from Knowledge Computers, Firearms, or Machinery.

For half an hour of time, you may choose to add new properties to an item. Each new property can be added at the cost of 5 + the current Item weight(rounded up) material. Putting multiply properties on a weapon can cause it to break. A broken item is reduced to its base form if repaired. By default an item cannot have more than 4 properties.

Break Chance
Additional Property Change Break Chance
0 -> 1 10%
1 -> 2 20%
2 -> 3 40%
3 -> 4 80%

Below are the properties you may add to an item. The number before the name indicates your required repair level to apply the property.

(6) Buoyant The Item can now float. The Item can support up to 5 times its weight.
(6) Slippery The Item is now slippery. This is caused by lubricant.
(6) Sticky The Item is now sticky and can be applied to surfaces. Applying this to items that would cause an Escape Artist Check will raise the DC by 3.
(9) Glowing The Item now emits a green glow at all times from specified areas.
(9) Silent The Item now emits less noise.
(9) Increased Friction The item now has an increased amount of friction.
(12) Shock Resistant The Item can withstand medium electrical exposure. Applying this a second time causes this item to nullify electrical currents completely.
(12) Heat Resistant The Item can withstand heat medium heat without damage. Applying this a second time makes this object immune to heat and makes it inflammable.
(12) Water Resistant The item can withstand water and other liquids and go up to 20 feet deep without defect. Applying this property a second time makes the item Hydrophobic.
(15) Heavy Materials The Items weight is increased by 1d4 lb.
(15) Light Materials The Items weight it reduced by 1d4 lb. The weight of an item cannot be reduced below 1.
(15) Battle Ready The Critical damage multipler on your weapon is increased by 1.
(18) Lucky Gain 1 additional Crit number this item when used as a weapon. In addition, as long as you carry this item you gain +1 to gamble. You cannot gain more than +5 to gamble in this way.
(18) Remodel

Remove any property and replace it with another, this action cannot cause the item to break.

(18) Indestructible The Item can no longer break. If this property is applied, the item can no longer gain any new properties.
(23) Calibrated This property cannot break an item. Apply any other property. This property can only be used if the users repair skill is over 20. This property can be added after indestructible.