Hero Info
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Height / Weight: 5'11 / 180 lbs
Type: Tough 2
Status: Alive
Introduced: Session 1

General InformationEdit

Mac appears to be a well built young man. Donning his keffiyeh and wielding a monkey wrench he faces the zombie hordes.

Prior to the outbreak Mac was either studying or had recently graduated from an engineering program.

A skilled fighter and craftsman, Mac prefers to get upclose to the zombies and smash them in with his superior strength. The status and size of his family is currently unknown. However, he does seem to be looking for an older woman named Ellie. His past experiences aid him greatly to choose the right path in life.

Notable RelationsEdit


Previously, Mac had been traveling with Locke and Rey . However, due to unfortunate circumstances they were all ambushed by a zombie horde. Locke is a recent friend of Mac. A majority of the outbreak time has been spent along side Locke. Mac holds a certain gratitude to Locke for the times that Locke had stopped him from advancing into a messy situation. Their friendship seems to be in a generally favourable place.


After encountering Sifu in the Trianchor mall, he quickly developed a friendship with the older man. As the other frontline fighter of the group he has developed a reasonably good bond with Sifu.