Hero Info
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Height: ?

Charismatic 1

Dedicated 1

Status: Alive

Session 1

General InformationEdit

Locke appears to be a charismatic young man. Wearing a suit and wielding a slingshot he takes on the zombie hordes.

Information regarding Locke prior to the outbreak has yet to be revealed.

While not the best fighter of the hero group he makes up for that with the skill of his words. The status and size of his family is generally unknown but based on recent events it does seem like hes searching for a young girl similar to him in appearance. HIs way with words enables has gifted him with the ability to convince others to see things from his point of view.

Notable RelationsEdit


Previously, Locke had been traveling with Mac and Rey . After coming across a large zombie horde Locke and Mac were able to escape after Rey had fallen to the horde. Now travelling with both Mac and Sifu his friendship with Mac seems to be in a generally favourable place.


After encountering Sifu in the Trianchor mall he has formed a new friendship with the older man. Recently, Locke has developed a habit of calling Sifu “Old Man”. Their friendship seems to revolve around playful jabbing at eachothers shortcomings and minor misfortunes.