Grimlea school is the first school encountered by the heroes. The school is fairly small two story building. The main floor has 2 entrances, a 2 story gym, an office, a file room, and 5 classrooms. The second floor also contains 5 classrooms and a teachers lounge. The school is located behind Trianchor Mall within a large field.

Following the outbreak the school at some point eventually became inhabited by a group led by Melissa. The school had previously been filled with the bodies of dead children and to prevent them from turning into zombies, some of the school inhabitants set the corpses on fire. The group contains Melissa, three other families, and a group of scavengers. The group has started to raid abandoned cars for their batteries. During the night, the batteries are hooked up in a makeshift system to power the first floor for a few hours at a time.



Melissa, Allyson

Classroom 1 Edit

Clinton, Stacey

Classroom 2 Edit

Steven, Norma, Lisa

Classroom 3Edit

Edward, Martha, Gary, Rosie

Classroom 4Edit

(As of Session 03) Locke, Mac, Sifu

Classroom 5Edit

Allen, Jamie