Identifiying TraitsEdit

As the first form a host takes after becoming a zombie, this type of zombie looks most similar to a human. Features unique to zombies would be a slight tinge of black and green coming from under the skin. It is also common for this type of zombie to have torn body parts depending on the method of death. A detail unique to zombies are their eyes. After infection the Sclera turn black and the iris turns white.


The Fresh zombie was one of the first encountered enemies of the party. They go down fairly easily and without much of a fight. When their heads are knocked off, though not much, they still have some ability to function. An infected body will change to this state hours after death.


Grab: The Fresh Zombie has the ability to grab a target. The grab itself is fairly slow and weak. Thus, it is both easy to dodge and be released from.

Bite: The primary attack of the Fresh Zombie is to bite a target that it has grabbed. The bite has a small chance of transfering the infection to the target.